Pellet Mix
Our feed mix is mixed as necessary, enough for about 3 weeks.  One method is to mix the feed and place it into a paper bag with bay leaves (to prevent bug infestation) and keep in a sealed plastic bin.  Extra pellets can be frozen to delay spoilage.  Another method is to mix just enough for a week and seal it in a jar, kept in a refrigerator or away from heat and sunshine.

I give each chinchilla 1/4 cup of the mix daily, depending upon how well the chin eats.

Pellet Mix One:   [for at least a dozen chinchillas]
•    8 cups pellets (we use a high grade show-rabbit pellet)
•    7 cups calf manna 
•    8 cups rolled oats 
•    2 cups treats (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, soy nuts, rabbit treat mix, etc...)

Pellet Mix Two:
•    3 cups pellets 
•    1/2 tablespoon human grade wheat germ oil
1/2 tablespoon human grade flax seed oil 
•    mix well, add other pellets as you wish; calf manna, rolled oats, alfalfa pellets, equine senior etc...
•    place in sealed container and refrigerate. 

» Please Note:
This mixture needs to be refrigerated. The oil can get stale easily, and bugs like moist pellets. Guard against spoilage.

On Sundays, the chins gets the special Vitamin Mix with Senior Equine and Omolene as a treat.  (see Other Feeds)