This site is an ever growing document devoted to the study of chinchillas as well as the education and dissemination of information pertaining to owning chinchillas as pets. It is dedicated to furthering research in an effort to assist veteranarians and pet owners in gaining a better understanding of the needs and ways of the chinchilla.

Originally founded by Betti Cogswell, Lani Ritchey, and Roxane Beeman, in the early 1990s, CA Chins is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Today, the organization operates thanks to the efforts of a small group of dedicated volunteers.


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Since there is insufficient research on chinchillas at this time, much of the information contained on "California Chins" is experiential and opinion based, or culled from veterinary research on similar animals. Though all information is deemed to be reliable and medically accurate [we care for our own chinchillas in the fashion outlined here], as a precaution, "California Chins" assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of information contained herein.